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    I know there was a tread about this before. I haven't been around here very long, so I am not sure how you guys operate this board (weather you rather pull up old threads, or start new ones).

    Anyway, I just noticed today that my STP missed 2 calls and never rang. This is the first time it has happened (that I am aware of). Both times I had my phone on the trunk of a vehicle, doing some work on my company tablet PC. The phone would light up, than beep and say "1 missed call, 1 missed voicemail." No ring, nothing. Now, I had just been on the internet minutes before the first one, so maybe that was it (I know the STP can't do phone and internet at the same time, no biggy). The other time I hadn't touched the phone in probably 15 minutes. I am thinking maybe the email accounts were updating, and using the "phone" for that, so the call didn't go through, not too sure. Not a huge problem unless it keeps happening, since it hasn't happened much before. Just curious if we found a fix or reason yet.
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    Known Treo Pro issue. Are you running Mobile Shell 3 as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by temperamentalman View Post
    Known Treo Pro issue. Are you running Mobile Shell 3 as well?
    Neg. I recently changed my theme to the preset "Ocean" theme, that's all though.

    Card Export (I hate it), Guitar Hero, GoogleMaps, TreoAlerts, WOW HD audio booster, maybe a few other I am forgetting. No mobile shell.
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    The thread you are looking for is linked below. It's a known issue that a lot of people experience and there is no fix for. Enjoy!

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