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    Is there a P2P program confirmed to work on the STP? I have tried Mopiphant and PocketG2 with no success. PocketG2 runs sometimes but never connects to a server.
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    WMTorrent works, though it's not exactly what you are looking for ;-)

    I thought a lot of development had stopped on those p2p network apps... :-/

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    Have it and use it but was hoping as P2P is easier when wanting a single song etc. quickly. Thanks.
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    Torrents are the new P2P. I am not too happy about it either, but it is what it is, and they are a TINY bit more secure anyway. I haven't spent a whole lot of time figuring out how the whole torrent thing works yet though, kind of gave up after P2P took a dive. Maybe I should look into that
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    I had PocketG2Pro working great on my Treo 700wx but cannont get it to work on the Treo Pro. Thought maybe it was because of RealVGA, so I switched it to 128 dpi - still no go. Not sure if it would work with RealVGA uninstalled.

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