New Windows Mobile user ... I have been using the Palm OS for the past decade ... so, am facing a bit a learning curve to figure out the TreoPRO and WinMobile. This forum has been very helpful.

I'm using a MAC (10.5) with my TreoPRO, and Markspace's Missing Sync to sync the two devices.

After a successful sync ... I disconnect the TreoPRO. Next time I want to sync, I plug the USB cable into the TreoPRO, and get the beginnings of the MissingSync sync ... but the MAC ultimately stops and I am unable to get the two devices to sync/connect. The only way I can get the full sync to connect again, is to reboot/restart my MAC.

Any ideas on how I can restart the sync software (I believe the app is "Missing Sync") without having to restart/reboot my MAC? I am unable to find the "Missing Sync" on my MAC except for when the program is working correctly ... which leads me to believe the application starts and stops as part of another application.

Second minor question: I deleted off a few of the Alltel provided programs that came with my TreoPRO -- on my "programs" icon listings, I now have a "blank icon" with the deleted program name under it. How do I delete the blank icon - or what file is that hiding in my windows directories?

And if there's room ... third question: Has anyone been able to get a bluetooth connection/sync to work between the TreoPRO and a MACBookPro (10.5)?