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    Zbop... I went ahead and installed the "HideCarrier" program and did away with the Sprint name. In the future, how do you ...
    "If your carrier is not set correctly, you can use a registry editor to modify it, for example:
    HKLM\System\State\Phone\Current Operator Name = "Alltel" "

    For a novice, how do use a registry editor and where do you find the registry on the Pro. At one time, long time ago, I was pretty good at DOS, but then everything got complicated.
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    I tried to install this on my treo last night.. i send the link to my phone, clicked to download, i installed it on my phone, i have no memory card in it. went to the settings and there is no speed dial to highlight.. where am i going wrong?? help..
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    ^ did you just download or did you actually run the .cab file that you downloaded?
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    i think i may have just downloaded it.. as you can see im not to experianced with this.. can you tell me how to run it ?? thx
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    find out where you download the file. then run it.
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    Works great. thanks alot all of you
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    Installed this on my unlocked GSM TP and it installed and then said I was on the Sprint network and had a different bluetooth and radio icon. However, after a soft reset it returned back to the old "communication manager" which I have grown to like.

    In short, works great and is great. I had another version (tofclock I think) but the buttons were too small as they were likely set for lower resolution.

    This is great!!
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    Hi Zbop,

    I'm new to this forum and am thinking about getting the Palm Treo Pro from Sprint.

    One question, your app, can I assign applications to the speed dial, like task manager, and even third party apps like Pocket Informant or a finance program?

    Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I don't know if your program is only good for assigning phone contacts.

    I never had the Treo 750V, so I'm unfamiliar.

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    going to try this
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