I remember in the old days I would have item conflict issues that would not sync. But I always could configure it to "ask me what to do" rather than saying someone wins. I was stuck in memphis airport this weekend and I deleted a ton of tasks and put them in a master task file called today / active tasks. Then I found an older one, so to be safe I renamed it so it would not overwrite. I ended up losing the latest task file I had been working on.

1. How do I recover deleted and or changed tasks? Outlook 2007 recover utility did not work.

2. This is not the first time a long task or contact came over blank after editing it on the phone during a meeting ( I use my treo to take / keep / maintain notes within a "notes to process" task. How can I enable - ask me what to do functionality so I can rely on this? This is critical, otherwise, what else can I use that will allow me to sync between PC and phone that has user determinable conflict management or at least makes duplicates if they are found!!!!