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    I've been calling tech support often lately, and every time I call Sprint for tech support, I've been doing a hard reset on my phone BEFORE I call. I've been doing this because I suspect they are able to "see" the phone and it's software in detail if they so choose while looking into my phone issues that I've called about. I've made registry changes so I am afraid of them telling me I've voided the warranty because of my hacks.

    Am I being unnecessarily worried about this? Does anyone else do this?
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    They have no way of seeing anything on your phone. They can't even tell what the most recent prl is (which they have to push onto your phone!).

    A hard reset is only a good idea because 99 out of 100 times, they will suggest you try doing it to solve all your problems (cause it's never their fault).
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    Yea, what Alli said.

    This would be why I usually do support discussions with Sprint via phone or e-mail . When they see my face, it's because of a hardware problem and I already put things back in "factory mode" . That's the only time I hard reset, when I must see them face to face. If they had a way to see what's on my device over the air, I'd have to find a hack to block that .
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    thanks!!! i can hack my registry in peace....

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