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    Hey everyone, I just got my Treo yesterday. I cannot find Sprite Backup anywhere on here. Is it possible that mine didn't come with it preloaded? I'm also running 1.03, which might be the problem?
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    Mine was just listed in the "Programs" menu. I am also running 1.03.
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    I figured that's where it would probably be. That's really strange that it didn't come installed on mine. I looked all over Palms website to see if I could download the .cab file there and couldn't find it. Anybody have any idea how I could get a free copy of this? Or at least a free copy of some decent backup software? I'd rather not drop $20 to get something that should have came preinstalled.
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    Have you tried a hard reset? The reason I asked is because last week I noticed that Sprite Backup was gone, and I know that I didn't uninstall it. A hard reset brought it back.
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    yeah a hard reset brought it back in mine.
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    hmmm I guess I have to make a decision if I want to spend $20 or do a hard reset and have to reinstall everything again. Thanks for the help everyone
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    I did the hard reset and Sprite Backup is now showing up. Thanks everyone!

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