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    Hey everyone,

    I just received my Pro today and I really like it so far. However, I'm trying to set up SEVEN and Gmail and am having issues. When I try to setup my Gmail account through the built in email service it's telling me that the username and password isn't valid. I know I've set it up correctly because I had a Mogul before and I set it up the same exact way and it worked fine. Does anybody know what could cause this?

    Also, when I go to download SEVEN, it asks me what Treo I have and it only has the centro, 650, 700 and 755 on there. Which one did you choose?
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    You have to use the windows version. I have reported the GMail issue already and Seven tech support is checking.
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    What do you mean the windows version? The email system that comes in 6.1 is what Im having trouble with. I was able to set up my hotmail with no problem but it's telling me that my gmail password is wrong. When it comes to SEVEN I was just wondering which version to download. I havent had any problems setting up SEVEN because I havent got that far yet.
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    ok so for some reason after a soft reset the windows version of gmail is now connecting. now can anyone tell me which version of SEVEN to download? also if there is any tricks to setting it up? thanks!
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    The one you listed above are for the Palm OS version. Use the windows mobile 6 professional version. If you are a registered beta tester, the version is 7.x.x (I forgot the number).
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    Thank you! You're exactly right. Instead of going into the Palm devices I just chose Other and then Windows Mobile 6 Professional and it's all set up and working great now.

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