I am looking for a replacement for the built-in Tasks application. Coming from the 700p, the Pro's Tasks' app is very cumbersome to use. I just want to quickly change due dates without having to:
1. Click on the Tasks entry
2. Click on Edit
3. Change the Due date
4. Click on OK.

On the 700p, I could change the date from the main screen and be done with it!

Also, when you change a due date with the Pro's Tasks app, it will move the view to show you the date of the changed task and not the date you were original working from/viewing. How could such simple things be made to be so complex?

So, does anyone know of a Tasks app for Windows Mobile that is better than the built-in or is similar to the Palm Tasks program? By the way, I am familiar with TodayAgenda - it is very good but still relies on the built-in Tasks app.