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    Seven is horrible on my 800. It never recognized it during set up. My Gmail account sometimes disappears and battery life is even worse (on top of the already crappy battery life the 800 provides). Real pushmail is Microsoft Exchange. Just wish it was a lot cheaper.
    I had a some what similar experience with the Pro. SEVEN didn't crash anything, or make it run slower, but it certainly tanked battery life. Took SEVEN off, went back to the 15 min synch schedule and the battery life climbed back up to being somewhat acceptable again.
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    +1 for the negative experiences with SEVEN.

    I've been using Funambol for quite some time over multiple devices and it's rock solid, reliable, and fast.
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    I had terrible time with SEVEN on my 700wx- but since I've been running it on the pro, it's been great- no problems at all and no noticeable effect on battery life-

    as i mentioned in another thread, the only time I've had trouble is when their server was down for a few days; not only did I not get email (d-uh!) but the battery life deteriorated significantly (as if the app was constantly trying to contact the server, or so I assume)- once the server was back up, everything's been hunky dory again.
    and it syncs perfectly with Google calendar too!!
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    Does anyone know of any apps OTHER than seven that can sync with an outlook web access server?

    Seven's has been down for near a month now with no end in sight so I am looking for another application that can get my mail from our corporate OWA server.
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    I've been through them all. ALL.

    Here is the box score:

    Seven--the best one...BUT as a Sprint user, it kept charging me international text messages, about 10 per week. That's $2.40 per week on avg. No idea why, and they don't have an idea either, and apparently not all Sprint users have been affected, but alot have.
    Emoze--great, except people see your full email address as your name, which is less professional. So it will say email from "". Seemed to have better battery life.
    Push Effect--works as advertised except my treo pro lasts only 12 hours on a battery now. That's unacceptable.
    Flexmail--nice concept, but very buggy. I'm a budding programmer myself, so I want to be sympathetic, but wow, it seems like a seriously underwhelming product. I'd clean it up, strip features until it was fast and reliable and completely overhaul the UI. Then and only then would I add all those fancy features.

    Blackberry--I actually have one of these, and at the end of the day, it just works exactly the way I want it to.

    I can receive all my email at, but I can choose to reply as "" or "" so in other words I can "reply as" someone else, just like you can in gmail.

    I don't think that you can do that in winmo. All my messages in all my 6 email accounts show up on the blackberry. It really is push email, exactly as you'd want it.

    I would imagine an Exchange server would be as nice. But unfortunately the free apps are not up to snuff. I had such high hopes for Seven, but even then, you can't change your reply as address.
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