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    Man, nothin' better than relaxing in the hammock, listening to the outdoor speakers that are connected to my home stereo system, then here comes the string of loud, annoying commercials and the only thing I can do to fix it is get out of the hammock, go inside and change the channel or put in a CD. Sure would be nice if I could just control it from the hammock....

    Anyone out there have any simple ideas on how I can do this. The stereo in question is the receiver portion of a Home Theater In A Box (Sony STR-K670P). Parked right next to it is our wifi router. Would I have to have a PC connected to the stereo or is there another solution out there? Any constructive ideas would be appreciated.

    Lazy Guy
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    P.S. I forgot to say I wanted to control it with my Treo 750 (WM6).


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