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    Has anyone figured out a way with connectors or cables to connect a Treo Pro to a Phoneo speakerphone? I purchased the Phoneo for my 700p and would love to keep using it. I purchased two different 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female connectors and could not get them to work. I don't hear any sound from the speakerphone when I do.
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    do you care if there is a bunch oh cables cuz I have an idea....

    you need a 3 cable rca "left, right, and video" to phono plug its like the old video ipod used... one end is 3.5 the other is 3rca's if u can't find one go to bestbuy radio sh, or even apple they have them...

    next u need a female rca to female 2.5 phono

    u just need to find the right rca two of them will have audio "u only need 1" the other one won't since its ur mic input
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure that this will work, given that the only connection I can use is the 2.5mm male 3-ring connector.

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