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    So, I previously downloaded SPB Mobile Shell from WM Experts, a few months ago. I've been fairly happy with it.

    I have an e-mail that there is a new updated version.

    I go to the WM Experts website and it tells me that for the update, I will have to pay. I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is.

    I put the update in my cart, as instructed, and the cart indicates a charge that is double the charge that had been quoted/indicated on the previous web page.

    So, if you are inclined to purchase this updated version, just a friendly heads-up to pay extra attention to your ordering process so that you are not billed double what you should be.

    As a sidenote, I've e-mailed the support at WM Experts and haven't even heard anything back from them.
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    I would be very interested in your opinions after you get things squared away. I haven't been able to find any posts by 800 owners who have upgraded to the new version. I know its early but I thought there would be more chatter about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J_Bone View Post
    I would be very interested in your opinions after you get things squared away. I haven't been able to find any posts by 800 owners who have upgraded to the new version. I know its early but I thought there would be more chatter about it.
    it's "eh"

    v2.1 was better, imo. version 3.0 is just too busy and with too many options (give 'em what they want I guess) and I prefer to not use it. just not very efficient imo.

    runs just fine, no problems AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $though$ $it$ $feels$ $like$ $it$ $wants$ $to$ $run$ $on$ $a$ $device$ $with$ $a$ $larger$ $screen$

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    I've been running 3.0 for a few days now and am mostly happy with it. The screen can be busy, but you can customize it to limit the busy-ness. Some of the customization capabilities I liked in MS 2.1 are gone (though you can put them back via registry edits), other things seem to work a little better.

    There are a couple of quirks on the 800w (no dialpad ... though 2.1 didn't have one either). My Treo seems more stable than it used to be ... but I took this opportunity to do a much-needed hard reset and re-installed all my apps from scratch, so I can't guarantee that it was actually MS 2.1 that was unstable on my 800w. One potential bug is that my ringer volume keeps mysteriously resetting itself to zero, intermittently ... a couple of other 800w owners have reported this as well.

    One annoyance for me is that the "start" bar is always visible at the top of the screen (versus in 2.1 where it was hidden on the "now" screen and other screens) ... but others have reported that they prefer it this way.

    The big plus with 3.0 is that the interface is definitely cooler than 2.1 was IMHO. The bottom line, for me, is that I am definitely happier with it than without it ... I spend more time in MS 3.0, and much less time on the Today screen, than I did in MS 2.1.
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    when u turn the device off and then back on does yours go back to the today screen without mobile shell up?? is there a way to get it come up when turning the device on? thanks
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    Mine does the same thing it does go back to the today screen and is not to Mobile shell. Does anybody has a fix for it.
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    I see this sometimes as well ... I don't know the solution (for MS 2.0 there used to be an app called SPB Watcher which helped), but in the meanwhile you can at least make it easier to get back to the SPB home screen by programming it to a button. On my phone (Treo 800W), it is mapped to the WM "start" hard button by default.

    Also, if your phone happens to be a Palm: on some Palm phones, the red phone button defaults to take you to the today screen rather than turning the phone off (it takes two presses to turn it off). If your phone has this "feature" (which ultimately takes you out of the SPB home screen) you can fix it by changing the following registry setting:


    change EndKeyAsHomeKey from 1 to 0

    this is the hack ive been lookin for forever!!! it wont take u to the today screen to turn it off. just takes one click on the end call button and will go off...this will leave the spb mobile shell open the entire time. i tried it...and it works.
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    Same problem here & I did the same fix yesterday & posted it on the Treo Pro section:
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    My green call key exits MS3 to the today screen. Is there a way to change the green call key to not do that? What about using it to open the dial pad or the regular use where the original call log comes up in the corner?

    I solved the first question with AEBPlus; the original call log would still be nice, but I doubt that's possible.
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