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    ALright i am about to move into the realm of WM.


    How does OUtlook syncing Mail work?

    Do i setup the mail from Outlook then it gets transferred to my phone or the other way around?

    Is there anything special about using a or account in WM?

    Does it sync the calendars as well with the online home page?

    WHats the benefit/disadvantage of syncing Mail in Outlook? Doesnt that mess up the IMAP/POP feature because of differences in READ/UNREAD mail and hence mess up the delivery of the mail in either devices?

    More questions to come.

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    I never used Outlook in the past. I bought it from NewEgg for $85 when I bought myTreo Pro - Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - Business & Finance

    It syncs my mail, calendar, contacts and tasks. It seems to be the program to have with a Windows Mobile phone.
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    everything sync up ok with mine

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