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    I have the Sprint TP. Loaded up the game...replaced the code2_goforce.exe file and the game runs super fast with smooth graphics..
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    I always thought the faster the clock speed the more unstable the device can become. But it doesn't seem to have been an issue with the STP.
    Too bad us Gsm guys can't use an Overclock app.
    As to date, what's out there won't work with the Chip we have.
    But I mentioned it in another thread sometime back; it must be possible because the STP and GTP use the same processor.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have the spb shell 3.5. None of the 3D features work. Will this .cab make them work as they should?
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    I just got TFLO 3D to run its just off centered like the issues with 2D and it runs super smooth
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbwork View Post
    I have the spb shell 3.5. None of the 3D features work. Will this .cab make them work as they should?
    I tried it on spb shell. The 3D does work, but it isn't pretty. I don't think it was designed for the 320x320 screen. It looks cool, but not functional. I switched it off again.
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    Restart your computer if you haven't yet.

    The dll error might be a fluke and a simple restart could clear it up completely.

    Install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Chances are, upgrading to the latest version of DirectX will fix the dll not found error.

    Note: Microsoft often releases updates to DirectX without updating the version number or letter so be sure to install the latest release even if your version is technically the same.

    Note: The same DirectX installation program works with all versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more. It will replace any missing DirectX 11, DirectX 10, or DirectX 9 file.

    You can use the dllsuite to solve the missing dll problems. visitt DLLSuite - Download Missing DLL Files | Fix DLL & SYS & EXE Errors
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