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    Is there an app that will tell you how much time that you have spent on a call? Just like call history tells you what # & day you made the call but I need an app that verifies in a 'log' how long I've been on that call. Thanks
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    I always just look at my T-Mobile account. They have a list of all my calls and minutes used. Doesn't your carrier list your calls?
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    The phone already does this. When you go to the contact and hit where it says "Last call 10:00am" it brings up a list of all the calls you've had with that person and the duration. Do you need something beyond this?
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    Yes I understand there is an indiv idual listing per call but what I mean is I was on call for 17 hrs. & thru the different calls, relays, transitions, droppes calls during transfer & the length of time on each call, i'm trying to find a log type of way to keep track of all this instead of being real quick to notice the flash of time shown at the end of the call BC some calls are very long & you talk to many parts of the world during this one call.
    In that sence it sounds extreme I know but I hope you can understand what I'm looking for & to develop. Thanks
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    That info is in the call history
    Press green button
    Select Menu
    Highlight person you want info for
    Select them and the duration and time and date of each call to that person is shown on the screen

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