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    Hello everyone,

    I have Windows Live, version 10.6.0046.0800 installed. The last couple of weeks I have noticed that my hotmail emails do not get delivered as they arrive on my phone. I have set the sync schedule to:

    Sync Freq.: As items arrive
    Times: Always

    This used to work fine...I am not sure if Microsoft made changes to their hotmail service...could anyone has this kind of problem? If I check for email manually, I get the emails to show up..I want the "push" functionality back!

    Oh, and there seems to be some correlation with time (I'm on the east coast)...the emails get delivered in the evening...but during the day and afternoon, this problem remains.

    Any ideas??


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    Seems as its all down, here too.
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    Mine works just fine.

    Try to delete the account, soft reset the device, and setup the account again.
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    I should have been clear, for me when I do a manual email sync it works. It's when I go through Windows Live sync it does all right 'till the end "Sync Failed" Also noticed when I go through Pictures & choose "Send To Spaces" it also fails, so I assume its Microsoft.
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    try this go to live windows press the menu button nd go to accounts switch accounts nd soft reset wen its done then press live windows click the link under the live search thingy then retpe your account indo if not see ifunt

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