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    I'm wondering if the 700wx is still available at verizon. I've had some issues lately with the phone not receiving calls, unable to dial out and the buttons stop working. Each time needing to soft reset the phone.

    I currently have insurance on the phone and wouldn't mind paying the deductible. If the phone is out of stock, will they provide me with a comparable model? I'm currently looking at the Omnia.

    Thanks for your help.

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    just go to a verzion store they will pro upgrade u to the touch or touch pro if u pay the 5.95 monthly for insurance it shud b a free replacement nd no contract extension.....
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    My treo 700wx was all wacked after nearly 2 years, and it got even more wacked after i inserted a 2 GB SD card. So when it accidentlly got dropped in the toilet, I contacted Assurion for a replacement. They sent me a remanufactured unit. I was disappointed, was hoping for at least a centro. But I have to say, the new treo works flawlessly so far, with new functionality, and I am happy again. So, you have to contact the insurance provider to process a claim, and you will probably receive a re-manufactured 700wx.

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