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    Hi. I had my windows hotmail running well for a couple of days and then it rebeled and says "windows live hotmail could not send the message. Please try again". Then when I press ok it goes back to main email page w/ a window over it that says "Failed to send e-mail messages". It does receive and update the inbox, just not the sending of emails. This did not happen w/ the 800 I had for a month. It did happen last week with my treo pro. The tech people had me hard reset it and it worked again for a few days. The only thing I had added to software the first time was operamini and titan. This time the only things on there are titan and the great cody program to roll back internet browser to the PIE system. Please help. I do not want to have to hard reset again. ty.

    Ok. So, sprint tells me that my free hotmail is finally catching up with me and that things I did to get around pop on my 650 and 800 are blocked on 850 pro so I have to pay for premium 20$ a year to get send and receive consistantly on my 850. Come on smarties I know there must be a way around this.

    Ok. The latest tech asked me to clear (delete) my outbox and it did the trick. Apparently logjams occur thanks to faults in hotmail?
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    what is your ? or issue?
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    I use Hotmail with my domain email address every day on my treo pro with no issues. Hotmail push works great for me.

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