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    Well there's two things happening and it just happened yesterday out of the blue. I didn't install any new software or programs yesterday. But after using Web Video Downloader, my Treo Pro's touchscreen starts not working as in not responding to taps.
    I've done a hard reset and that fixes the problem, but then i install all my old software and it happens again.
    I removed Web Video Downloader to see if it stopped the problem but it didn't.
    Any one know if this is a defect? Or just cause the programs i have installed?
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    You said a hard reset fixes the problem. So this eleminates a hardware issue.

    You said the problem returns after installing your software. So this suggests a software issue.

    You'll have to figure out what is causing the problem. Have you tried to recalibrate the touch screen with your software installed?

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    If it works after a hard reset, but then doesn't work after you restore the added software then I would think it's software related.

    I'd be methodical about adding software. Hard reset, see if it works. Do a backup. If so, then add ONE piece of software. See if that works. If not, restore from your backup. If it does work, install ONE more piece of software. And so on. It's tedious, I know, but you will end up with a phone that works with all the software you like. Good luck.
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    Just did a hard reset. Used a backup file from when my phone had the working touchscreen with all my other software and it works great now.
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