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    I've had the STP for 3 weeks and it seems that if I do not reboot it daily that it will crash. I know that I was using the Palm OS on my 755p and in the 2 yrs that I had it, It probably crashed less then 12 times. Is it a windows thing (I know from my PC that it needs a reboot once in a while to stay operating properly) but does WM6.1 have a memory leak or is it a program that I am using? Comments?
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    That's highly unusual for either of the Treo Pros
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    Quote Originally Posted by palandri View Post
    That's highly unusual for either of the Treo Pros
    That is odd. I've found that my unlocked TP manages memory very well. I normally do a soft reset once a week just for the heck of it, but it's by no means needed. And I've yet to encounter a spontaneous reset (which, alas, was a nearly daily occurrence with my Tro 680).

    What programs do you have installed? Could one of them have a memory leak, perhaps?
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    The only time I've had to reset was after adding an app, but I haven't had mine very long.
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    I'd bet it was one of your 3rd party programs rather than the phone itself honestly. That said, I needed an almost daily reboot with my 800w. Maybe once every third week or month with the STP. I'm ok with the reboots mostly for the robustness of the OS. This is primarily why Apple doesn't let developers use certain parts of theeir iPhone's OS for stability. For example they dont allow any background processes, only the one which is open works.
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    i don't know if it's needed or not, but my SPB Backup's nightly backup reboots it afterwards anyway.
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