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    Anyone else notice it takes an unexpectedly looooong time to "lock buttons and touchscreen?" To make matters worse, and I think it was mentioned in another thread, the buttons don't even lock! If you push a button, either in your pocket or with your hand while staring at the phone, it will display the "press center button" message, then OPEN the application behind the message. Also, when you get a notification the "press center key to unlock" message comes up. No biggy..except sometimes the phone doesn't go back to the screen saver when you DON'T push the center key, than you get all kinds of applications running in the background that you didn't know about until you check the phone.

    I laugh at it, only because I like most things about the phone, but is there any 3rd party apps that do a better job at locking the keys? Maybe a hack that only allows the red key, than the center key, to wake up the device? Maybe even make it lock a little faster? This and the super quiet ringer are the only things left that really irk me about the phone. You all fixed the speaker phone in applications, but I am still trying to get the ringer to be loud enough to hear it Any suggestions for that as well?
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    or maybe a hannip fix?

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