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    I bought my 800w used off of Craigslist, and it had this problem with static during calls when I got it. So I took it into the Sprint store yesterday and they said it was a problem with the motherboard, and gave me a refurb. Worked fine, with no static in the calls. So I happily stayed up last night re-doing all my tweaks and edits and on my first call this morning, I notice the static again.

    I am wondering if this may have anything to do with my charger that I used last night. The seller included a non-OEM very cheap-looking wall charger, and it says the output is DC 4.85-5.4V. I didn't think twice about this, of course, but now I'm wondering if it may have fried the old phone (which is why he sold it) and it did the same to my refurb. Anyone know if this has happened to anyone, and what the output is on an OEM wall charger?
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    Output on the OEM wall wart is 5v at 1 amp.

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