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    Tried looking for this and surprised I couldn't find it. I'm a long time Palm user from the days of Palm Pilot 5000 to the Centro. I'm looking to make the jump to WinMo with the Treo Pro, but I'm a little nervous because my last jump to WM was horrible (HTC Touch).

    Anyway, what are the software equivalents for:

    1. Chattermail (Need IMAP PUSH support)
    2. Agendus
    3. USBModem
    4. Plucker
    5. Goosync

    If I can get solid replacements, I'll feel more comfortable taking the leap!
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    1. Agile Messebger
    2. Agenda One
    3. PDANet
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    This might have a few helpful posts;
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    That's perfect! Thanks!

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