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    Hello, everyone. After much contemplation, I'm thinking of returnng my sprint tp, and I'm really sad about it because I mostly love the phone. I'm afraid I'm going to get past the 30-day period and have too many issues. Here are the on-going issues I have (I've searched the forums and can't seem to find any solutions that work for me):

    1. constant vibrating and I can't stop it. I mean vibrating that I tried to outlast but had to cut phone off. I waited about 10 minutes.

    2. can't send/receive anything via bluetooth, no matter what I try

    3. can't send/receive via beam (infrared)

    4. blue tooth headset connection very tempermental -- disconnects and whim, connects sometimes, and sometimes doesn't (but car stereo blue tooth works great, especially voice command and streaming music -- LOVE this!)

    My questions are (1) are there any known solutions to these problems (for instance, it took me forever to find out I need to select stereo headset before I could stream music in my car!)

    (2) are there any Palm issued patches for these issues? (I see there are registry tweak threads but I'm scared to use them!)

    (3) I know that nobody knows for sure but how long do you think it will be before Palm gives a software update?

    Thanks a lot for any help!
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    I'd return the phone for a sounds like yours has issues. (I'm not technical so I can't offer any solutions.)

    I like my STP.
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    Take it back to a corporate store if possible. They should be able to determine if the phone needs to be replaced. No reason to hang on to a problem. Good luck.

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