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    how do i download and put a new today screen on my palm treo pro?
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    Go to settings. Pick "today" then pick appearance. The background colors have fancy names. You can put a photo as background too. Then play with which functions to have there. i.e. email. sms, calender.
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    how to put the 3rd paarty app today screens? and where do u get em?
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    uuummm reading your question i think your looking for themes there are tons out there do a google search for wm6 themes if you have to pay go to another site there are so many free theme sites out there that will change your menu color background picture everything....

    as far as what apps u want to list on your today screen read elgorrion post and at the bottem u will see a tab called items click it and you can see the apps you can list on your today screen....

    my 2cents why? the more things u have on the doay screen the slower the phone wrks IMO
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