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    At least thats the way it is for me. Every time i get a missed call and a voicemail, it tells me that i have a missed call but it never tells me i got voicemail. i went to the Sprint store and i saw that the treo pro had a notification ( it happened to be there by luck since i never called the phone or anything).

    Because i don't get a notification, i have to dial 1 and check for myself which is annoying when i end up not having voicemail. Recently calls have gone straight to voicemail and i get a missed call even thought i never got the damn call! So sprint is going to give me a replacement on Monday (4th one!!!!).

    How anout you guys, do you guys get a voicemail notification on your 800w's?
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    Yea, I definitely get voice mail notification on mine. Somethings wrong if your not getting VM notifications.
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    Yep, something is very wrong here. EVERY phone should get notifications.

    Try the 'Clear Voicemail Icon' button just in case, before you call tech support. It might reset your notifications.
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    Really, my 800W did voice mail notifications and was down right persistent about it.
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    I have one at the top of my 800 right now. Its an icon of a telephone and envelope combined. I believe its the same icon the 700wx had.
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    Actually now that you guys mentioned it, i never got a single voicemail notification on any of my 800w's that i have gotten replaced. maybe it's my sprint plan?
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    Hi, I'm having the same issue. How did you resolve this?
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    My 800W has always had the voicemail notification icon on the top as well as a sound and message .. check under sounds and notifications in the sounds and see what you have set...

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