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    It was made for the CDMA Touch Pro/Diamond processor, but that's the same processor that is in the CDMA Treo Pro. Perhaps someone with a CDMA Treo Pro might want to test it out. Probably want to do a good full backup first. I take no blame if it bricks your Treo Pro.

    And given the GSM Treo Pro is already underclocked, perhaps this means there is a method for overclocking the GSM Treo Pro to it's full potential of 528MHz?

    I'm just saying, if I had a GSM Treo Pro, I'd be trying to chat with No2chem.
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    I can confirm that this works on a Sprint Treo Pro (underclocking). I tested with a benchmark to verify it.

    I think someone has already verified that this works on a GSM Treo Pro, but I don't know if they were able to overclock as well as underclock.

    The STP's performance is pretty decent, might be worth knocking the speed down to squeeze out a little extra battery life. The way no2checm implemented it, you can create Mortscripts that put the speed back to full prior to launching certain apps, and then lower it after the app is done if you are worried about performance.
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    I can confirm that this does NOT work on the unlocked GSM Treo Pro. First of all, only one of the four available versions of nueClockControl even worked on my phone -- the others wouldn't even open up. Once I installed the version that did work, only the top half of the page (the portion displaying the actual clock frequency) was displayed, and I couldn't scroll down to the section to change the clock speed.

    I discovered a workaround by opening the virtual keyboard, hitting the "down" arrow key, and then hitting enter/return. This displayed the drop-down menu which had the various clock speeds. However, despite trying to set different clock speeds, it did not seem to speed up or slow down my Pro. I confirmed this by trying to overclock it to 528 MHz, and then going back into the nueClockControl app, and it still displayed 384 MHz.

    Not sure if anyone else can replicate and confirm my findings...

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