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    I tried to search for it on this forum but I didnt find anything.

    I know this phone isnt made for games but sometime it might be fun... Is there a list of games that work on the TP?
    If not we should all list the games that works on our phone here and I'll update this post to have them all in it.
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    Just go into the treocentral software section. Set the device to Treo Pro and then go to games.
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    I've tried Warfare Inc. It runs but has crashed a couple of times. You can also go to Sprint's Digital Lounge and get games. I've gotten The Oregon Trail The Sims 2 off of there for $9.99 each. They also have the Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy Land for the same price. Some good games that all run on the Treo Pro.

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    thanks everyone for your answers!
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    +1, i didnt know sum of the games mentioned were compatible with this phone
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