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    Something weird today: I lost the WEP key from my home WiFi and the Pro won't take it back. Other devices on the network connect just fine. Anyone had this issue?

    Also, where are th files located on the Pro?


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    Wow that's a hard one. You mean that even if you try to manually input the key again, the TP will not accepted? That's very strange, even more strange that those settings simply dissapear. Have you install any 3rd party software recently that messes with any registry settings?
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    No installs of any kind and I'm not skilled or confident to change the registry. It simply quit working.

    I tried changing keys and going back to the original one. I tried deleting the settings from my Pro and starting over. It connected at the office today, would not connect at home. Just kept asking for the key.

    By the way, I did enter the key correctly.


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