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    Today is the last day I have to turn in my Treo Pro and although I'm satisfied by it, I'm not necessarily SOLD on it. Thus, does anyone know if I take it back today am I restricted from buying a new one today or tomorrow, mainly to give myself another 30-Day window?
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    Might be pushing it a little by trying that. It probably depends on the store and the rep that you get.
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    I had until today as well, I hook up my 2nd gen Q back up and I will patiently wait until May 16th for the PRE release according to rumors...I think the T-PRO is by far best smartphone I've try, "solid and smooth at the same time little guy" it is windows mobile that is buggy and is screaming for an update..

    just my humble opinion.
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    If only the Treo Pro had the Touch Pro's screen and WM 6.5 it would be perfect.
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    I exchanged my Treo Pro today for a new one and have another 30 exchange. I just returned it and then bought a new one. Hopefull to exchange for a Pre soon.
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    I believe the "official" policy is you only get one 30 day window. You can't "officially" just switch out to different devices every 30 days, so I'd be careful trying that.

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