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    On any of my Palm devices (Palm OS) if I was making an appointment, I was able to "lookup" the phone number or email, or address, or all of the above, and insert the info into my appointment. Where is this feature on Treo Pro????
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    Great question! Sorry, I don't have an answer. But I have been trying furiously to figure out what happened to an old WM 5 feature. For some reaon on the STP, phone numbers are not hyperlinked! They are hyperlinked on e-mails, but not on calendars (ridiculous!).

    Anyway, if anyone knows of any third-party tools that take care of adding a phone # to a calendar invite based on a "lookup", or dialing those numbers based on a hyperlink, please share that here!

    Otherwise, loving this phone.
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    I'm also wondering why when I select a contact in my contacts folder and choose "send text"...the sms program opens up, but it doesn't put the contacts cell phone # in the too field. I have to start typing the contacts name....that's crazy!
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    Bump...Surely SOMEONE knows how to do this!!
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    add a mailto: or tel: before the email address or phone number.
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    Thanks for your reply, but I don't understand what you are suggesting. Can you explain it for dummies!?
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    To get a hyperlink of email or phone number on calendar notes write "" (without the quote marks) or "tel:999-999-9999" (again without the quote marks).
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