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    Spoke w/International tonight & asked them to send me over to AT & she said they're closed. I didn't understand letting her know I'm awake at night not during the day & she repeated saying Sprint is now closed as of the beginning of April 'Sprint is Now Closed' in the U.S.A from 2:00am until 6:00am.
    If 'ya didn't know now 'ya do.
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    I guess you had to be there.
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    Vent all you want man. If I was up all night long, I'd probably do the same.
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    OK that must have been rad but now-a-days evry time Sprint has been needed at night they were there. Now When I called last night I was told that in the beginning of April Sprint closes up shop at 2 am & re-opens at 6 am (EDT). Now if once again someone's handed me another dead thread ,well someone confirm that Sprint Is still open 24/7. That Closing alert was to let those know Sprint isn't there at night now. OK I"ll go check.
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    Well ChappyEight, I don't see it as venting concidering there are some who must be awake at night where there are those who must be awake during the day. I've just gotten off the phone w/AT who has verified that Sprint now closes the doors @ 2am until 6am. The heirarchy has made their decisions which will affect us all, now may your phones never give you trouble that you may need Sprint in the middle of the night if you ever you fall out from under your blankies & land on your phone. So the word is correct for all who knew not : "Sprint is Closed".
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    ...Sprint is now closed as of the beginning of April 'Sprint is Now Closed' in the U.S.A from 2:00am until 6:00am.
    If 'ya didn't know now 'ya do. SPRINT IS CLOSED.
    Having worked your shift, I can appreciate how few businesses accommodate those who don't work "standard" hours. But, when you compare AT&T Wireless CS having been closed 9 pm to 6 or 7 am long before the economic crunch, Sprint's still doing better with CS hours. If they're taking some belt tightening steps right now, I'd say that's pretty sensible. Particularly when you factor in the economy & the number of customers Sprint seems to lose, who are no longer helping to support the longer hours.
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    Thank You kraski. It's true Sprint is tightening their belts & true w/your comparison, at least we really aren't in that bad of a shape concidering they're only closed for 4 hours. I say that we too can make it by tightening our belts for this short amount of time that we may help our economy in every way we can. My post was to let others know the present situation we must all share. I do admit I will adapt & make do. Thanks again kraski, I appreciate it.
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    From here in Paradise, these calls made after 8P have gotten the Sprint is Closed routine for about a year.
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    Amazing & still awake & happy to see others from many important places now letting us now their situations that they must deal with even in the land of Paradise! Thanks for adding to this post & if there are any more out there We would love to hear from you, simply becauese we're all in this together & it's good for all of us to know what is going on & sadly what we are up against. Thanks bclinger.

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