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    I got the Treo Pro!
    And for 50$!
    From the Sprint store. I guess because i was only a little bit over the 30 day return and exchange.
    I told them how I didn't like my battery life. How there is no adapter for the Treo 800w to 3.5mm headset and how the audio is low even on high.
    Then I went to look at theother phones, returned to the desk. And he asked me what phone was I looking at and I said the Treo Pro.
    He then said, ""you were very kind to us, you didn't yell or scream and were calm, now I'm gonna do this for you" and got his clerk to bring the Treo Pro box.
    He then said there's a 50$ difference so all you have to pay for that.
    The only thing he wanted in return was a 5/5 on his customer report.

    Well I'm going over to the Treo Pro forum guys, thanks for the help!
    Treo Pro Owner! 8)
    Modder, hacker, and App creator!
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    Congrats, On your new Palm Pro hopes it makes you happy. It's nice to hear some good news from members once in a while. I was thinking of upgrading to soon, but holding out for the fame unseen Pre. Good Luck with your new Phone.
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    sweetness... i am TOTALLY jealous

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