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    I have a Treo 700w. I bought it off ebay and was flashed to Cricket. I have tried everything I can think of to configure the mms and internet. I cannot get either to work. When I go to the settings page and open the about program and click on phone under Data user name it says my I cannot seem to find a way to change that. Does this mean when the phone was flashed that it wasn't fully flashed and thats why I can't get it to work? I've setup the settings in Connections to connect through a proxy server which is then open advanced and setup the http & wap proxy settings for port 8080 my username is and the password is cricket. I can't send or receive/download MMS messages. Do I need to setup a modem/connection too and if so what do I set it up as? I have Bluetooth, cellular line, IrDA, and Hayes Compatible on COM 1. I know bluetooth and ir are out. What is the COM1? Is it the expansion slot? Do I need to have mobileweb activated on my account or will the regular Cricket web service work?
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    Did you figure this out ? I am having EXACTLY the same problem.

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