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    Just got back from a 9 day China trip, and wanted to quickly post my experience w/ the Sprint Treo Pro. I discovered halfway through the trip that Sprint has a $40/month Data Worldwide plan, which gives you unlimited data usage. Great deal, especially since you can activate it for just the duration of your international travel.

    China fortunately has a strong CDMA network, so I had data coverage just about everywhere. Before I activated the Data Worldwide plan, the phone would have to go into Data Roaming mode when I accessed data. This caused the phone to crash frequently. After activating the Data Worldwide plan, the phone stopped showing "Data Roaming" on the Today page and showed "International" while accessing data. This worked great (although they don't have EVDO). I was able to do everything I normally do and continued getting push email from my Exchange server.

    The Data Worldwide plan supposedly covers 10 countries for CDMA support. I don't know the 10, but if someone does, please post it. Plus, if you have a GSM capable Sprint phone, it includes an additional ~110 countries.

    It's good to see that Sprint is catching up with the other carriers in terms of affordable international coverage.
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    Other than using another phone, I wish that sprint would find away to allow CDMA phones to work on GSM networks internationally.
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    When I was in Canada last week, it does show as "International" on the today screen.

    I didnt some part of world is using CMDA?

    You could have tether thru your data to your laptop and get calling thru Skype. Even cheaper.
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