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    I don't understand the charge through usb cord..I have 2 wall adapters and 2 car adapters, an xbox 360, ps2 that will charge any usb device. when I plug the treos usb cord into any of them the phone will make the power adapter in sound but charges at an extremely slllllllooooooow rate. I tried chargin at a friends comp without activesync..same deal...yet with activesyc on my comp..charges quick..why the hell does this happen?? why won't it just charge??
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    Get yourself a charge only cable, the data/charge cable that came with the phone does not charge that fast. I'll try to find a link when I'm on a computer.
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    I tried one of those...shouldve metioned that.
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    I am doing that right now. It does take forever but I'm online alot so doesn't matter to me. I guess you have to just deal with it.
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    I am having the same issue. With some chargers, it will show the charging icon on the screen, but the red light won't light up. Others the icon changes and the red light lights up, but it uus very slow to charge. I have actually had the battery level drop while on a phone call and I was plugged in. I have measured the voltage output from these chargers and they are all 5V DC. The only Palm charger I have, is reading 5.2V DC. I think that Palm did this and the phone see the slightly higher voltage, allowing it to go into a fast charge mode, while if it only sees 5 volts, it trickle charges. I have a Palm Car charger on the way and once I confirm that it charges the phone quickly, I'll measure the voltage. I think that Palm has done this to help encorrage you to buy one of their chargers. I did see in the manual that it commented that the phone would charge slower when plugged into the USB port on a computer.
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    From an electronics stand point, the typical USB port on a computer is rated at about 100mAh, when you use a USB hub with wall adapter, that can jump to 250 to 500mAh, depending on specs. I use both the supplied charger from Palm and a Motorola Micro USB charer that puts out 850mAh.
    The higher the current output the faster the device will allow its self to charge. Keep that in mind when trying different ways to charge and use the device.

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