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    I can't find the cd that came from sprint for my 800w. Does anyone know where I can download all the windows drivers that enable the usb connection to the phone. I want to be able to put the driver on a flash drive so I can access files on my phone and maybe ICS from other peoples computers than my own without installing the active sync software. I checked palms website already, no luck there.
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    I think the only thing on the cd is active sync (not needed for Vista) and a trial Outlook. When you first plug it in to the computer, windows will get online and find the drivers for the computer and install them. If the computer is running Vista, it doesn't use AS but rather the Windows Mobile Device Center and that gives you and option of connecting the phone without setting up a partnership.
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    you don't need software for ics, just go in to internet sharing, hit connect, and plug the usb in, and windows will install the modem driver on its own.

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