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    Does anyone know how to get the MSL code for the Treo 800w without calling Sprint?
    It's not because im lazy and simply don't feel like spending a few minutes with Sprint. But I know what a hassle they give sometimes.
    Does anyone have a program to get the MSL code?

    FYI: GetSPC does not work on the Treo 800w. It gives you a code, but it is incorrect.
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    dont call, use chat.
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    easiest way is if you have a second phone for sprint just use the activate online feature. switch your old phone then reactivate your newer phone. then select manual programming and it gives you all the info you will need. Its the secondary programming code
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    Here's a guide on exactly how to do that I posted somewhere else:

    I can't post links, but you can just remove the spaces:

    sprintmslguide . notlong . com


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