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    Quote Originally Posted by koolcdj69 View Post
    By extension you mean extending the 30 day return and exchange?
    Or extending the contract with Sprint?
    The first... I'd never want to extend the contract. Being out of contract is a great incentive for sprint to make a deal....

    I'd say call and see what happens.

    To be honest, sprint has not let me down yet... I like sprint... they always work with me. I can't say they will work with you, but I figured it is worth a shot.
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    I went through two 800 w's. 1st time vibrator went out, second time the usb port was "loose" and it would not take a charge. I spoke with a couple different people at Sprint. I finally convinced them to send me out the treo pro and off goes the 800w. I let ya know it goes...
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    I made the switch and so far so good. I love the pro. I only miss the 800 standard menu button on the right soft key (though we eliminated that by using a program to map) and the messaging app. Both are not big issues, I'm a happy camper. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    However, there is no evidence that the Treo Pro is slated to get WM6.5. Lots of factors involved (sales numbers, cost, if Sprint wants it, time-frame for Treo Pro replacement, etc.).

    For the OP: no, as of now don't bet on WM6.5 for the Treo Pro in any form. But pay attention to the forums as things can change.

    (Personally, I think it's a bad idea to buy a device in anticipation of it getting updated. Buy it because you like it now, not because of what it may become.)
    I agree with this. the money is already made by Palm, they would be undertaking a headache and serious cost in development, testing and post update support and liabilities for problems. One has to ask what is the upside to them for that downside?
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