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    I just receved my Treo Pro's on the 7th & true I'm learning how to use it but now my KB & all buttons except the Red button Do Not work. I SRST but that didn't help.
    Does Anybody know how I can my KB... to work without doing a HRST? Thank You
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    Have you installed a recent program that could've caused the KB not to work, like a 3rd party software?

    If not, then call cust. support (from Palm) or if it's a STP (call Sprint).
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    Thanks for that but I HRST & it's working again. It's nice having 2 phones to learn & compare, only thing I have to recognize is the family plan differences. Not sure which app caused the problem because the Primary now has 2 Contacts on the bottom bar instead of contacts on the left & internet on the right. I'm using MeMaid's registry to search for the answer before I HRST(easy way out). I'm hoping to write down all I have in my Pro's soon to post. Thanks again.

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