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    Hi, I am wondering if someone has utilized the Caller ID features on the Treo Pro? I am with T-Mobile and never had any problems with it on my previous Treo 680 and 750. I also contacted T-Mobile and they've checked everything and T-Mobile Rep told me that it has something to do with my phone. I also put my AT&T sim card on my Treo Pro and it seems to be having the same behavior. I also tried it on 2 different Treo pro to make sure and I get the same result. Can someone please send me feedback if this feature works on your Treo Pro? Thanks for any input.

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    My caller ID works fine with my at&t SIM and I had t-mobile for some time & my Treo Pro's caller ID would work ok as well.
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    I have the prepaid plan, and I do have caller ID, even though I shouldn't, according to tech support. My caller ID is currently not my name, and tech support can't change that. It is somebody else name. They changed my phone # trying to change that, and now it is a different name. I sure won't buy anything from T-Mobile again, and am planning on switching to AT&T. I have no clue who 'Alen Warrington', or 'Wendy Thacker' are.
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    Caller ID works fine on my Treo Pro on t-mobile.
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    Mine works. What happens when you press the green button on your Pro? Does it not display who called?
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