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    Well i got my MSL using a program from xda developers. So no need to call SPrint there. But The qpst program wont find my phone. I know how to do everything but the program wont find my phone.
    Ireally want to increase my volume but my phone isnt being found in the program. Neither te port. So basically i have my MSL for no reason until my phone can be found found by the program. The phone is on diag passthru. Please help?
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    Do you have the right driver installed? After you plug the 800w in diag mode into the computer, it will prompt you three times for drivers.

    Once you have that installed, right-click on Computer and select Manage. Open Device Manager, and expand Modems. Right-click on the 800w and select Properties. Go to the Modem tab, and add 2 to the COM port #. That's the COM port that needs to be added into QPST. If you don't see the port listed in QPST Configuration, add it in. Be sure to uncheck the show only USB/QC ports box.
    Be sure to check out SmartDeviceResource!

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    I'm not sure what's going on here, but this is driving me crazy! I just bought a Treo 800W off of ebay and got it Saturday. I activated it and was finally able to activate my Vision account after spending over an hour total time with Sprint advanced tech support. With that said. I was able to change my SPC to 000001 using QPST and QXDM. This is after I downloaded and installed the [beez] Palm Treo 800W drivers. All three drivers are installed and XP DOES recognize the phone when I connect the USB cable to it and dial ##3424# from the phone and then select "Diag passthru". HOWEVER, even though XP recognizes the phone now, QPST does NOT ... even though I WAS able to use QPST/QXDM to change the SPC/MSL for it.

    HOWEVER, when I connect the phone NOW via the USB cable, XP recognizes it. Three new entries show up under Device Manager for the 800W
    1) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Modem Port (Com10)
    2) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Diag Port (Com9)
    3) [beez] Palm Treo 800W ##Unused Port (Com4)

    BUT QPST (and QXDM) do NOT recognize the phone!!! Right after I connect the phone, QPST switches back and forth between recognizing it and then not recognizing it, then it just plain stops recognizing it.

    Can anyone chime in here and help me out??? Any insight as to what's going on here would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    And, BTW, I am also able to connect to ActiveSync without a hitch. So if I connect my 800W via the USB cable to my XP laptop, dial ##3424#, then select "Normal" for the USB Mode, ActiveSync pops up and wants to do its thing by syncing the phone with my laptop data. However, like I said above, if I then select Diag Passthru or Diag + Data Passthru, XP recognizes the phone (and the led lights up too), but QPST keeps toggling back and forth with recognizing it/not recognizing it then finally just flat out stops recognizing it.
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    The Treo is bad. I just spent almost an hour with Sprint advanced tech support trying to get the Vision services to work (for the second time) and couldn't so the phone is going back. It did work for awhile earlier in the week but it's not working now, so I'm returning it.

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