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    Alarm Master is a powerful alarm manager that helps managing alarms and reminders on you Windows Mobile Classic/Professional phone. In this release we added powerful Desktop Companion, advanced recurrence patterns and implemented other small interface changes.

    Desktop Companion

    Now Alarm Master has powerful and full-function desktop module which allows creating, editing alarms and performing other operations right on your desktop computer with Windows(2000, XP and higher) operating system.
    Desktop Companion allows creating and editing alarms in a more convenient way than on a Pocket PC. Alarms on mobile device and desktop computer can be easily synchronized at anytime. Import and export functionality allows to backup your alarms in a desktop file system.

    Advanced recurrence patterns
    Now Alarm Master has the most powerful and developed time engine on the mobile market. The program has an ability to create more flexible Weekly and Daily alarms. New additions allow defining such unique patterns as "Every 2nd day", "Biweekly", "Every 4rd thursday" etc.

    Windows Mobile 5, 6.0 and 6.1 devices are supported in this version. Alarm Master for Pocket PC can be purchased securely for $14.99 from Connective Tools website. The upgrade costs $2.99 for registered Alarm Master users. Free trial and additional info could be found at Alarm Master product page.
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    Thanks! I'm a big fan of this program.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    This looks cool.

    I've actually been looking for an app to record notes that would give me a choice to set a date/time for a pop-up reminder to listen to recorded note.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Just to let you know...

    CT AlarmClock, a simplified version of Alarm Master and very popular utility fo WM Smartphones, was just released for Pocket PC platform...

    More info available at CT AlrmClock page.

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