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    1. Ever since I installed batti, the phone NEVER turns itself off if not used for a while even though it is set to turn off in the WM settings. Any ideas?

    2. The battery strength indicator is the rainbow colord bar at the top. But what does it mean when the whole thing turns purple?
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    I too use Batti:

    1. Is the Treo Pro plugged in or not plugged in? My Treo Pro stays on (but dim backlight) when plugged into the computer and I just hit the power button to turn on screensaver mode. I do not have issues with the phone staying on while unplugged and using Batti.

    2. I think that the purple is just a bug in the software. I have found it mentioned several times and have found no real solution. Typically I see it when charging or when first bringing the unit out of screensaver mode. It usually switched back to the multi-color display. If it gets stuck I can turn the screen off and then back on and it straightens out.

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