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    The BB Curve battery life is great and it charges fast. I had no problems with the Q9c. It has the best Qwerty kb I've ever used but I just wanted something a little more compact. As much as I want to try the Treo Pro Cody is the 4th person I know that went back to there Curve so I think I'll just wait for the Pre.
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    Since I came from the Treo 750, for which I had two standard batteries, one extended battery & a variety of chargers, I find the Treo Pro to have great battery life. I don't even have a vehicle charger for it let alone anything else.

    I guess it's just a matter of what one was used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bacon225 View Post
    What phone will you be going with to get more battery life?
    I have had 3 different WM phone before this one and it beats them all by a long shot.
    Well unfortunately I surrendered my Treo Pro today. For now, I'm back to my HTC Touch Pro. Not sure why but the battery on it lasts about 50% longer for me. It may have something to do with my house and my office being on the fringe of an evdo signal. Perhaps the Touch Pro is doing a slightly better job of staying on evdo in these locations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    i will say that my leave is not for ever. treo will always have a speical place in my heart. it's a love/hate thing. lol.
    Sorry to see you go- you're among the best and the brightest-

    the funny thing is that your cabs and contributions (along with hannip's) are probably the main reason that I'm NOT returning my Sprint TP-

    go know....

    Take care, buddy-
    hope to see you back here soon-

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