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    i got my 800w in january.. i was previously a att customer, i had a nokia 6682 for 3 years.. great phone..NO problems at all, ran slower then some phones.. but for the most flawless..

    so i got my 800 when i jumped onto my gf's account.. i'm 50/50 on it.. i've applied the battery life update to the phone.. its functional, fast. does what i need it to do.. i dont have data enabled, or gps.. pretty much just text, call and the camera are its only uses.. people say im wasting the phone by not using EVERYTHING, but i say "you can buy a corvette here in the USA but no roads let you drive it as fast as it can go". whats the difference?

    so i have 2 problems..
    1. i use the keyguard on the phone. at least once daily i will be unable to unlock the phone using the start/end + palm key method. i'll actually have to turn the phone from vibrate > ringer, or vice versa to get it to allow me to start/end + palm to unlock it.. then it'll work.. later in the day it may happen again, and i switch it back.. kinda irritating...
    2. most of the time my phone is in screensaver more. showing me the time and whatnot.. all of a sudden the phone lit up.. no call, no text.. nothing.. hrmmm. shrugged it off.. short while later.. same thing.. at this point it will not kick into screensaver unless i directly hit the end button.. the screen will dim, it'll kick into the today screen, but no screensaver.. i've tried 2 soft resets *removing the battery for 1 minute*, but it's still acting up..

    any one experience this before?? i may wind up going back to sprint and having them hard reset it if i cannot get it figured out.. just sucks.. was really looking forward to a problem free phone, coming from one....

    much thanks..
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    Ive had the same problem, and the only thing I've found that works is a hard reset. A soft reset works temporarily but you're right it get frustrating. What programs do are you running? I am using mostly SPB programs.
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    i did a hard reset earlier this morning and made a backup...

    apps, i dont run any yet.. the only thing i did to the phone was install the battery charging update.. the screen re-illuminating was a completely new issue. that one i WOULDNT be able to tolerate.. the unlocking wasnt to bad, more of a "god dammit" kinda thing.. we'll see how long it runs smooth this time..

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