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    I have a 750 and have been offered a Pro in exchange by my carrier here in Australia but have heard a lot about the cases cracking and not being covered by warranty so I'm hesitant about taking this offer becaus I would have to give them my 750.

    Is the cracking cases problem wide spread?
    Treo 750 WM6.0 + Treo Pro WM6.1
    Carrier:Telstra Australia NextG (3G).
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    I think it was only with some early releases.
    The 'Cracking' reports seem to have pretty much stopped.

    Call Palm and tell them you're excited about the Treo Pro, but very concerned about possible cracks, and more so, the reports of not being honored under warranty.
    Ask them if it develops hairline cracks will they replace it?

    I would try to get the reps customer service number if you call.
    Just call me Berd.
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    The truth is that I loved my 750, but the Pro excels it in almost every aspect. The Pro has better display (320 * 320), built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, more memory, microUSB adaptor(which will be the standard/uniform way from now on), a 3.5mm stereo headset jack, thin form factor, 1500mAh battery, great picture camera, great keyboard, and I can keep going!!!
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    Just upgraded from 750. Love Treo Pro as it's faster, better looking device, 320*320, GPS and WiFi. 750's keyboard is slightly better though.

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