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    I finally decided to move from the 800w to the Pro after a lot of debate. I originally didn't want to because I didn't think it was a big enough upgrade to fork out the money, but the fact that the prices dropped so much was my major selling point. I bought my Pro for $200 and was able to sell my 800w for $145, so my net cost was only $55.

    Advantages of the Pro:

    - Battery life is much better. Without tweaking I can run the phone all day and still be above 50%. Not quite as good battery life as my Curve, but the PRO has a ton more features, so thats to be expected.

    - GPS actually works. I'm not off of the network all that often, but it still is good piece of mind.

    - Most of the bugs from the 800w are gone. Major ones, like not being able to pick up the phone are gone.

    - The HTC add-ins are cool. Things like the HTC task manager and Com manager are a big help.

    - Flush Screen! I cannot stress this enough. Having a flush screen turns the Pro into a true touch screen phone. I think that this factor is perhaps the most overlooked, but IMO, makes the experience 10x better.

    - Headphone Jack - self explanatory


    - Damn Micro USB connection. I don't understand why it still has this. Regardless of what they say, Mini USB is the current standard, and makes finding a place to charge your phone 10x easier.

    - Keyboard - Not horrible, but not as good as the 800w IMO. I know others here say it is just as good, or better, but I just can't see it. I've had worse, but this keyboard doesn't compare to the 800w one.

    - Palm Customizations - Some of the Palm customizations are gone, but I see that people are working on modding them over.

    Like I said, the price point was what won me over though. I'm sure you can get them for under $200 at this point.
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    What version of the Pro do you have? Where'd you get it?
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    It's interesting, how some people going from the 800w with its 1150 mAh battery, to the Sprint Treo Pro with its 1500 mAh battery have witnessed far beyond a 25% battery life increase. Looks like the Treo Pro has some special sauce of its own. (Wildrage, if you're only see 25% or less battery life improvement, feel free to correct my statement. Although some others have said their Sprint Treo Pro battery life is better than I'd expect from just a ~25% battery increase. Especially considering the faster processor.)

    Quote Originally Posted by msgott View Post
    What version of the Pro do you have? Where'd you get it?
    Wildrage is with Sprint. Usually anyone coming from the 800w is a Sprint customer. The only carrier the 800w ever had is Sprint. And the $200 price is after Sprint discounts.

    Still best to mention Sprint Treo Pro in the title though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    Still best to mention Sprint Treo Pro in the title though.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I've got a Pro that I am playing with but I am not sure if I am going to keep it. I would agree with most of your positives and negatives but I would add a few of my own negatives.

    Sprint Treo Pro Negatives

    -Memory. There is just not enough. I find it is always shutting down programs for me. A couple of times it has slowed down to a crawl and required a soft reset.

    -Speed. Its a little slower than my 800w. I use SBSH Calendar which is not a very quick starting program to begin with. It takes almost twice as long to load on my Treo Pro has it does on my 800w. I find other graphics intensive programs are a little slower as well. The phone application is much slower.

    -GPS - Its nice that it is completely stand alone but my lock times are considerably slower than my 800w.

    -Slippery Finish - This thing is like trying to hold on to a bar of soap in the shower. I much prefer the 800w rubberized finish.

    -IE6 - I really think I prefer IE5 on the 800w. It does not render as nice but it is much quicker and easier to navigate.

    For me I'm not sure the positives are enough to out weigh the negatives, although I might still keep it until the Pre is out. BTW, my 800w never had any bugs so that could be factoring in to my fondness for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    BTW, my 800w never had any bugs so that could be factoring in to my fondness for it.
    You mean none other than the bugs commonly found such as low initial BT call volume and so on, right? And has your 800w phone ever not come on by its self after a soft reset? Just wondering since not everyone had the phone issue.

    You might want to look into (or ask in) one of the GPS threads, to see how you might improve lock times. The Sprint Treo Pro should be able to do both aGPS and stand alone.
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    GPS: I get faster lock on my Pro than on the 800w

    Memory: As far as freezes I got way more on the 800w than on the Pro even with the indicated lower remaining memory. Perhaps it handles the Pro handles that memory better.

    On the Pro always "shutting down programs" I have had 800w shut down much more. what programs are being run on the Pro that you find are shutting down?

    Speed: The Pro seems a bit snappier. I have two Treo Pro and one remaining 800w
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    Might someone with an 800w and Sprint Treo Pro be able to do a video with some side by side testing of things like downloads, video, web browsing and some other things? Of course it would be best that both devices were in a hard reset state and if anything was installed that the same all be on both devices.
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    I agree with the comments posted by wildrage and even more so with rc46. I just have never had the same issues that others on this forum have had with the 800w - overall a decent phone imo - but that being said I think the Treo Pro is better in many respects but for those (few) of us who didn't have those issues just probably not enough of a change in the 'upgrade' to keep the Treo Pro. I do believe, however, that many 800w owners did experience serious issues with their own phones (one of my friends who had one did and exchanged his for a BB Curve and another had no issues and is still using his 800w today with no troubles).

    I have the Pro and I don't believe it is any faster than the 800w - it doesn't seem to me that it is, but I've also not had any soft reset issues with it, the battery life is much much better and the flush screen is great and I think the glossy finish while it looks good - is just not very functional in real world use (without a cover - which semi-defeats the purpose of having a slim phone). Just my two cents.
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    Here's my long list of pros/cons after a few days use, coming from an 800w owner as well. Although I've tested a couple of the items under performance, some of the observations are seat-o-the-pants, so take it with a grain of salt...

    - Love the thin profile (800w starting to feel like a brick now)
    - Love the flush screen
    - Touchscreen feel/sensitivity (slight edge to the 800w)
    - Hate the keyboard & buttons on Pro (but I'm adapting)
    - Miss the softkeys from the 800w
    - Beacon is cool, but can barely see it
    - 3.5mm jack is great to have
    - Lack of included headset is well... just plain cheap
    - Memory, advantage to 800w (but so far has been a non-issue for me)
    - Amount of internal storage on Pro is much bigger than 800w
    - Prefer the 800w fit and finish, Pro is a fingerprint magnet
    - Aesthetics, Pro looks both sleek and cheap at the same time
    - Standalone GPS is great to have
    - Prefer the external MicroSD slot on the 800w
    - Love the better battery life
    - Speakerphone, hands down the Pro
    - Call quality, hands down the Pro
    - Handset earpiece, Pro
    - Headphone/headset sound quality & volume, Pro

    - Wifi speed, Pro is better than 800w
    - Wifi signal, slight edge to the 800w
    - USB transfer speed, Pro is faster
    - EVDO speed, Pro peaks higher than my 800w
    - Graphics/Video (2d performance) is pretty good, depends on which driver is being used. Pretty close to 800w, slight edge to Treo Pro
    - 3D performance, 800w is clearly better, but I don't own (or even know of) a single app that can take advantage of it
    - Processor, I haven't benchmarked it but I believe the Treo Pro is faster
    - Interactive performance (launching programs, switching between tasks, etc) I feel the Pro is slower than the 800w. In general the 800w feels more responsive and consistent.
    - Cell reception is about the same
    - GPS signal, tracking, TTL about same

    - Reliability, hands down Pro is better so far. Keeping an eye out for issues (I had one hang so far).
    - Bugs, hands down the Pro is better, also keeping an eye out. I won't go into details but I have a fairly long list of bugs (some of which I thought were app bugs) that simply disappeared when I switched over, despite running the same software.
    - Value-added, I'd give the edge to the Pro. Even though I like some of the Palm addons, I think there are even more HTC addons which can be leveraged which we couldn't use on the 800w.
    - Tweakability, edge to the Pro, same rationale as above. I also believe it's slightly more likely we'll see custom a ROM for the Treo Pro than the 800w.
    - Radio, I don't know if this falls under firmware or hardware, but the radio in the Pro seems much better than in the 800w; I no longer have the connection issues and weird hangs while the radio is freaking out. I actually believe the problem on the 800w stems from state transitions 1x/EVDO or roaming. Since I live just on the fringe of EVDO reception, I saw this problem alot.

    Many of the differences are not critical in my opinion and you can easily adapt to either. For me, the deciding factors are keyboard, reliability, and bugs. If the Pro had a better keyboard it would be a no-brainer. Conversely, if I weren't having issues with the 800w, it would also be a no-brainer.

    I know I can adapt to the keyboard, but it just irks me that I've made this compromise (foregone the big sexy screens, flashy UI's and extra features of other phones) in order to keep an uber-functional front-facing keyboard, therefore if I have to compromise, then I want the best keyboard available and I think they screwed it up with the Pro.

    Anyways, I'm still on the fence, but I think by this weekend I'll be over it.
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    Nice posts...

    I often wonder if palm will release an update for the 800 and smooth it out... if possible. If so, sounds like the 800 could be a grab on ebay.

    I remember my 700wx had issues until sprint release an update... it was a great phone after that....
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    As much useful comparison info in this thread (currently with only 11 posts) as in some others with many more posts. Thanks to wildrage, rc46, aero, zbop and others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildrage View Post

    - Damn Micro USB connection. I don't understand why it still has this.
    Because micro USB is the current standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    Because micro USB is the current standard.
    Depends on how you judge something to be a standard.

    If standard is what some group agreed should be the standard, yes MicroUSB is the standard. If the standard is what the vast majority uses and intends to continue using, than MiniUSB is more the standard than MicroUSB.

    The government driving standards dictate a speed limit of 55-70MPH. Most people live by a different standard .

    Although Palm tried to go with a standard connector by using MicroUSB, they're sadly still using a connector that most of the market does not prefer. Better than the old Palm Connector days, but still not exactly on the mark on that one.

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