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    Yesterday I put the Bestskinever on my TP, Went very well and I really like how it looks so far, I did the full treatment, Front,Back,Sides and top and bottom. So the issue now is how it has made it fairly difficult to slide in and out of my Innocase, Has anyone else had this issue, And if you did have you got any good tips on making the case slide on and off a tad easier. At this point it is tough enough that I may end up having to remove the BSE from the sides unless it will just get better with time and use.
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    I think it will fit if you just remove the back skin off of the battery cover. I have my skin on order and already have the Innocase, and plan on just applying it to the front, as the innocase is already protecting the back.
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    I have BodyGuardz on the back and the screen but not sides. It works fine with my Innocase.
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    I installed BSE last week but had to remove the side portions for it to fit decently. I tried to convince myself to not use the innocase but I just don't want to risk it. The BSE came out quite nice though. I was nervous that the port "extension" at the bottom of the device was left exposed. I'm anal so I can resell down the road.

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